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KNOCKSsocks and the REDstripe

The short story

  • We love socks. You love socks. Let's get together (ya, ya, ya)

  • We started KNOCKSsocks with the goal to design crazy cool socks with the quality found in prestigious department stores and a not so crazy price.

  • The REDstripe was originally inspired by the eye-catching seam that runs down the back of a pair of women's fishnet stockings.

The long(er) story

Our team members at KNOCKSsocks have been fans of funky, colorful socks for a long time. We love to show a bit of our personality through our individual style. (And if we're being honest, we really love the attention we get when we wear a pair of bright, fun socks.) We like to dress with class and sophistication, but still tell the world that we don't take ourselves too seriously.

Why create another sock brand?

We love fashion, style, design, and basically all things beautiful. We've admired, often from afar, all of the luxurious clothing and accessories in high-end department stores and boutiques. We knew there had to be a way to get the quality and design that we wanted, without the astronomical prices. This was the motivation that fueled our passion to start KNOCKSsocks.

In order to find the quality that our discerning eyes demanded, we went straight to the fashion capital of the world, Milan. (If you want to sound really fancy, you can say Milano. Your friends may judge you, but we won't.) We wanted to go directly to the source and cut out all of the excess overhead and unnecessary middlemen. This business model is what allows us to offer you the same quality and design that you can find in the most prestigious department stores across the globe, at a much more reasonable price point.

(FYI - The Italian manufacturer of our socks also produces socks for several other internationally recognized luxury brands. If you walk into a store on Fifth Avenue and want to buy socks with the same quality and attention to detail as KNOCKSsocks, you should be prepared to pay $50 or more.)

Why the red stripe?

The REDstripe was originally inspired by the eye-catching seam that runs down the back of a pair of women's fishnet stockings. We love how the seam commands our attention and we wanted to find a way to translate that same allure into the world of socks. We also wanted to create a unique 'signature' that would become synonymous with style and quality.  Any time you see the REDstripe you'll immediately know that the person wearing it has impeccable taste. (Okay, to be fair, we can't guarantee that the person will have impeccable taste in all respects; however, you can wholeheartedly trust his or her taste in socks.)